General conditions of use


These general (terms and) conditions of use (hereafter "GTC") establish the terms and conditions of the use and verification of information, database, software here on the website (hereafter"Site") edited by Charme & Traditions (hereinafter "C&T"). The mere act of using this website is irrevocable acceptance by the Internet surfer of the following GTC (hereafter "User")


The User is perfectly informed about the existence of the rules and the customs in force on the Internet, also known as "Network etiquette" as well as the various codes of ethics accessible on the Internet.

The User acknowledges that the society "Charme & Traditions" wishes to promote a fair use of the Internet network in accordance with common decency. Therefore, the User undertakes not to use the website "" for illegal purposes and notably , not to spread message(s) or information (whatever the form or nature) that are opposed to peace or common decency, opposed to respect of private life, or that are related to offensive terms, defamation, racism, xenophobia, revisionism or infringment of the honour or reputation of others, inciting discrimination, hatred, or that jeopardise a person or a group of people, pornographic or paedophile contents, inciting people to commit crime, offence or act of terrorism, or celebrating war crime or crime against humanity, inciting to suicide, breaking the law as regards correspondence secrecy , or broadly speaking, opposed to a regulation or law in force.

Moreover, the User undertakes not to use for commercial matters the services offered by the society C&T or the personal database he could access, and broadly speaking, not to offer products and services remunerating him/her either in a direct or indirect way , not to restrict by any manner of means the use of the site ", and not to falsify elements or statements on this site, not to break into a computing system, not to corrupt the content, or to commit one of the infringements punished by the articles 323-1 to 323-7 of the penal code ("hacking") , not to proceed in the sending of messages in large numbers which are unsolicited in the email boxes of other Users ("spamming"). The position of the society is irrevocable and answers legal obligations.


The User ackonwleges that the current site and its content are legaly protected in pursuance of the right for intellectual property, and undertakes to respect every intellectual property right, and in particular, the right of brands, patents, authors and sui generis of database.

On top of that, Charme & Traditions exclusively entitles you to consult the site and its published adds, and to print out the adds for your own personal needs in a non professional and commercial purpose and for the sole purpose of private use, subject to keep on the printed documents the whole copyright indications and every other legal indication that appears in the originals.

The User is under no circumstances entitled to reproduce, represent, use, spread, by any manner of means , form and support , the site and every constituent elements of the site (text, photo, image, video, sound, software, brand, logo, company name, or any other distinguishing features...) apart from the authorised case (see above); to extract through permanent or temporary transfert, or reuse by the provision to public, the whole or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the adds and other database that appear on the site, as well as to extract or reuse it in a systematic and repeated way of any non substantial quantitatively or qualitatively parts when these operations exceed manifestly the normal conditions of use ; to exploit , commercialize, distribute to a third party, under any form, the site, every element of the site , the adds and other database that appear on the site; to modify, to remove, to falsify, by any means and under any form and support, wholly or in part of the different intellectual property indications and the copyright that appear on the site.

Any use not in accordance with the above conditions is purely illicit and could institute legal proceedings against the User


Charme & Traditions gives a real importance to the constitution and the update of the site and in particular as regards the adds. However, not having the control of all the data and the published information on the site, Charme & Traditions cannot guarantee that the former ones will be true, with no errors and complete, and that they come up to the User expectations. Consequently, C&T will not be held responsible for any inconvenience, and generally speaking for any use of the Site and/or its content carried out by the User.

Not having the quality of middleman, reservation agency, Charme & Traditions does not visit the properties that are en rented and does not propose reservation service or logistic service ( deposit, bail, keys...)

Charme & Traditions does not proceed to any compensation for an advertiser in case of non compliance between the accommodation and the ad on the site or even if the accommodation is made up of a mistake that leads to the lodger to refuse the renting

Charme & Traditions reserves the right to , at any time , modify , suspend or to stop , temporarily or permanently , wholly or part of the site without previously warning the User. C&T will not be liable for any modification, suspension, stopping of the site and change in the access to the site as well as to services edited on the site, for any reason.

Charme & Traditions invites the User to point out any problem or content that seems to be illicit, offensive, chocking, or not in accordance with morale by using the appropriate functions on the site.

The User acknowledges and accepts that Charme & Traditions will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from business relations of any kind , between you and an author of an ad or any other partner providing the site with content or services. In that case, you could only research the responsibility of the author or a third partner.


The consultation of the site Charme & Traditions and its pages requires no data file from your personal details. However, in certain cases (newsletter subscription, service of adds subscription, participation of quizzes, deposit of an opinion...) the User can be invited to give personal data (postal code, e-mail...) The form is accompanied by a "tickbox" that enables the User to accept or refuse that the data could be used by Charme & Traditions for commercial purposes either for its own or a third party, and/or transfered to third party. The collected information is the object of an IT processing declared to the "CNIL" (Board which enforces law on data protection).

The User has the right of opposition for its data not to be used and/or transfered to canvassing purposes, right of access, correction by sending a mail to Charme & Traditions - Service "Données Personnelles" or a e-mail at the following address: Likewise, the User can exercise a right of cancellation on the data that are optional and not necessary for the registered service. The User acknowledges and accepts, if need be, that his/her data can be transmitted to some subcontractors that are in relation to the site and/or services offered by it.

With a view to establish audience statistics , the site uses the cookie technique. A cookie does not permit to indentify yourself , by contrast, it saves some information in relation to your navigation on the site ( the consulted pages, date and hour of the consulation....). You could always refuse their creation thanks to " Internet preferences" in your browser ( to have more information : In that case, the working order of the site and its offered services can be changed.


The society "Charme & Traditions" reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and warning indications of the current legal warning under the condition of the French Right. Consequently , the society C&T recommends you that you should regularly read the current clauses in order to be informed by the possible modifications.